Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx summary: "Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, two ranch hands, come together when they're working a sheepherder and camp tender one summer on a range above the tree line. At first, sharing an isolated tent, the attraction is casual, inevitable, but something deeper catches them that summer." Both men work hard, marry, and have kids because that's what cowboys do. But over the course of many years and frequent separations this relationship becomes the most important thing in their lives, and they do anything they can to preserve it."

I liked:

-The movie followed the book almost word for word. I think that is why the movie was so good at capturing the spirit of the story. Since it's a short story (only 64 pages), it translated well to the screen.

-This book is heartbreaking. It's not a traditional love story by any means. For such a short book, I'm shocked at how much emotion could come through the pages.

I didn't like:

-I honestly can't think of anything. It's a quick read and anyone who liked the movie should love the book.

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