Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (CBR-III #13)

Cannonball Read III: Book #13/52
Published: 2007
Pages: 376 (4,855 total so far)
Genre: Horror/Ghost story

Judas Coyne (how cheesy is that for a stage name?) is a fifty-something goth rock star who likes to collect macabre things. So when he finds a ghost for sale on an auction website, of course he has to buy it. Because he's GOTH you know. However, the ghost was actually sold to him by his ex-girlfriend Anna's sister. Oh, and the ghost is actually Anna's stepdad seeking revenge for Anna's suicide after Judas broke up with her.

So, the ghost wants to kill Judas and anyone associated with him (like his new girlfriend, Marybeth). Judas and Marybeth embark on a roadtrip from New York to Florida with the ghost following until they finally end up at the house where Judas grew up and end up in a weird battle involving dead people, living people, and sometimes dead people INSIDE of living people. I told you, it gets weird.

I don't really like ghost stories. Crazy people who are alive scare me. Dead people do not for some reason. Of course if one ever came after me I'd probably run screaming, but for reading purposes they're not my favorite subject.

I kept reading reviews about how scary this book was but honestly, I was bored and really struggled to finish it. It kept dragging on and on with nothing really new (or scary) happening. The only part that really kept my attention was when Judas and Marybeth confronted the ghost's stepdaughter (Anna's sister), who sent him the ghost.

I'd recommend it if you like ghost stories. If not, don't let the good reviews fool you into thinking this will finally be the ghost story that scares you. It probably won't.

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