Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann (CBR-III #21)

Cannonball Read III: Book #21/52
Published: 2011
Pages: 240 (9,791 total so far)
Genre: Young Adult

This is one of those YA books that doesn't really translate to an adult audience as well as say, The Hunger Games. I think I would have liked it a bit better if I read it when I was 15 instead at 25. On the up side, it was a really quick read - I finished it in about an hour and a half.

Our main character, Kendall, lives in the tiny town of Cryer's Cross, Montana. When two of her classmates (out of 24 students in the entire high school) mysteriously disappear, everyone in town becomes suspicious. One of the missing students happened to be Kendall's best friend/sort-of boyfriend. Then there's this new guy and his sister that showed up right before the disappearances...blah blah. Kendall sort-of falls for the new guy, but still misses her other "boyfriend", and it turns into a typical YA romance novel.

I would say the book is 90% about Kendall's love life and her OCD (forgot to mention that I guess...but don't worry, they won't let you forget if you read the book). The other 10% is the "mystery" aspect that the cover wants to you believe is the focus. Basically, it's a YA romance with a haunted desk thrown in for good measure.

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