Friday, October 21, 2011

The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan (CBR-III #39)

Cannonball Read III: Book #39/52
Published: 2010
Pages: 416 (16,001 total pages so far)
Genre: Young Adult/Zombie

Previous books in this series:

***Possible spoilers if you haven't read the first book***

This is more of a companion novel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth than an outright sequel. It follows Gabry, the daughter of the heroine from the first novel (Mary). In the last book, Mary made it to the ocean after travelling on the mysterious paths through the forest full of the undead. We find out here that she ended up staying in the oceanside village of Vista and now lives in and runs the lighthouse and kills the Unconsecrated (or Mudos, as they're called in Vista) as they wash up on the beach during high tide.

Her daughter Gabry is a teenager who is terrified of ever leaving the fenced in city. However, most teenagers are dumb and easily swayed by boys so she gets talked into sneaking out one night with her friends by Catcher. Catcher (dumb as his name may be) is Gabry's best friend's brother. He's Boy #1 in our required YA novel love triangle. The sneaking out plan goes awry and several of the teens get bitten by Mudos, including Catcher. Gabry ends up escaping.

A few days later, Gabry ends up sneaking back outside the gates to find Catcher, hoping that he didn't actually get bitten and escaped. During this outing, she meets Boy #2 in our love triangle, Elias. Of course he's mysterious and sexy, blah blah.

I actually did like this book, although I could have did without the nauseating love drama. It was pretty bad. This is an actual quote from the book: "His words explode inside me, touching fire along my veins and spiraling into my heart." Ugh. We're bordering on Twilight territory here. I just think these books are better than that -- like they were going for The Hunger Games and the editor told them to just add a little more Stephenie Meyer to appeal to the pre-teens.

I loved how they tied this trilogy together. Instead of being just continuations of the previous books, they follow different characters who have tie-ins to previous characters. The third book in the trilogy is the same way and looks really promising. I think that also helps me stomach the love triangle when I don't have to read about it for three straight books.

Overall, the story is really great if you overlook the teenage romance parts. It moves quickly and the action starts right from the beginning. I love the mystery and the tension in these books and will definitely be picking up the third in the series.

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