Sunday, January 27, 2013

POD by Stephen Wallenfels (CBR-V Review #4)

Cannonball Read V: Book #4/52
Published: 2012
Pages: 192
Genre: Young Adult/Alien

I've been trying to track this book down for a while now but I think the first edition went out of print or something so it was really hard to find for a few years. Then I realized that one of the local libraries had it and I could get it via ILL! Finally!

POD is a Young Adult book about an alien invasion. Not much is known about the invasion except that a bunch of mysterious pods showed up hoving over the earth and is zapping anyone who steps outside. So now everyone is trapped inside of their house or whatever other building they may have been in at the time of the Pod's arrival.

There are two main stories that the book switches between. The first is 12-year-old Megs (ugh...hate that name...why not just Meg?) who is left inside a Los Angeles hotel parking garage while her mother goes on a "job interview" (she's actually going to a man's house for money). Megs and her mom just left her abusive step-dad, so they are living in their car for the time being. She stays in the car as long as possible, but has to leave and scrounge for food in the other cars. Meanwhile, a couple of men are terrorizing all of the other people stuck in the hotel and start looking for Megs when they find out she's hiding in the garage.

The second story follows 16-year-old Josh and his father who are trapped inside their house in Washington. They slowly run out of food and water and end up having to contemplate on what they should do about it. 

I thought this book was great. It was interesting and moved quickly. The story with Megs was a little over the top at times (she refers to herself as a pirate and leaves notes around as she evades the "bad guys"). But then again, she is only twelve. Josh's story was very, very grim. I was shocked at how much so considering my library labeled this book as for "younger teens". This book has everything from eating pets for dinner to suicide and cannibalism. It's not super graphic, but probably too much for some people.

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