Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Dead Zone by Stephen King (CBR-V #2)

Cannonball Read V: Book #2/52
Published: 1980
Pages: 402
Genre: Fiction/Thriller

I've read just about every Stephen King book that he's written, so now I'm reading some of the few that I never managed to pick up. Which means these are the ones I found least interesting when I read the blurbs on the back. The plot of The Dead Zone never really jumped out at me. It follows a man named John Smith (creative, huh?) as a 20-something with a nice girlfriend who gets into a bad car accident and ends up in a coma. He surprises everyone when he wakes up almost five years later. Of course by then everyone else has moved on. His girlfriend is now married to someone else and his mom lost it and started getting into some weird religious cults.

Johnny's changed too. He gets flashes of the future sometimes when he touches people or objects. Eventually the press hears about it and makes a huge deal and then eventually prints that he's a fraud. He tries to live a quiet life but he keeps freaking people out when he tries to help them after seeing a flash. He even helps solve a serial killer case that the police are baffled by. 

I thought the serial killer part would be more central to the story than it was. It was a fairly small part while most of the book was centered around a politician that Johnny shook hands with once and saw a flash of a future war. Sigh. I seem to be picking all the political books this month for some reason.

This definitely wasn't my favorite King book. It was okay (and probably good for people who like King's novels that are less "horror"), but pretty forgettable. 

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