Monday, February 18, 2013

The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey (CBR-V #6)

Cannonball Read V: Book #6/52
Published: 2002
Pages: 208
Genre: Young Adult 

3 stars: Good, but I probably wouldn't read again.

This was a random find at my library's bookstore. The title sounded familiar, so I figured I'd pick it up since it was only 50 cents (LOVE the library bookstore!). 

The Torn Skirt is about a Sara who was "born with a fever" (the book is full of this type of writing. Some of it is pretty eye-rolling, but you get used to it quickly). Basically, Sara is a teenager. Every teenager thinks their angst is special, but really it's not. Whatever. Anyways, Sara grew up in a cult until she and her Dad ran away to Canada. She's getting tired of her loser stoner friends and after he Dad leaves for a while she goes on a wild spree across her town searching for a mysterious girl in a torn skirt named Justine.

Sara was hard to like. She had a rough upbringing, but she's self-aware enough to know her actions, rather than her circumstances, are the cause of her trouble. She seeks out bad people and bad places. She purposefully decides to screw things up and it's hard to root for a character like that. I wanted to strangle her when she is laying in bed whining about her non-existant "fever" to the cops instead of actually realizing or caring what she was in trouble for. 

The Torn Skirt is well-written and I did enjoy it, although I think teenage me would have enjoyed it more (notice I keep saying that lately? I'm getting old, I guess). The older I get, the less "deep" and the more annoying teenage angst gets. 

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