Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thieves by Trey Smith (CBR-IV #19)

Cannonball Read IV: Book #19/52
Published: 2011
Pages: 340
Genre: Nonfiction

Because of my media-related job, I have had to work with several televangelists in the past -- including Mike Murdock, the subject of this book. I don't really care for the guy, so when I found this book online I had to read it. Mike Murdock is a televangelist who believes in "seed faith". Or basically he has one sermon - give me X amount of money and God will make you a millionaire. Blah blah. 

Trey Smith grew up with Murdock's son, Jason. Both had pretty severe drug problems which they subsidized by stealing jewelry from Murdock's massive closet full of riches. Also in the closet? A 300 pound safe, which they assumed to be full of cash. They joked around about stealing it, but one day Trey decided to go for it (without Jason's involvement). 

The book is FULL of crazy accusations against Murdock. I can't attest to how true everything is, but Smith swears from the beginning of the book that everything is true. I'm going to assume from the fact that Murdock hasn't pulled the book and sued for libel that there isn't much he can do about it if it's the truth. It's pretty damning stuff too -- everything from lesbian porn to company hookers to a pet lion. It was pretty interesting stuff, and sadly not too surprising if you've ever heard the guy talk (he likes to brag...a lot).

The only issue I had with the book was that it was just a little too long. There was a good chunk of stuff about Trey's drug and legal issues that didn't have anything to do with Murdock. It was interesting, but I mainly read the book to read dirt on a semi-famous televangelist. 

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