Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (CBR-IV #45)

Cannonball Read IV: Book #45/52
Published: 1910
Pages: 331
Genre: Classic

I decided that I need to read more classic novels. I read a ton, but have barely read any of the books most people consider classics. I went with The Secret Garden as my first choice because I remember reading it when I was little and really liking it. I also liked the movie that came out sometime in the early/mid 90's. 

The premise is probably familiar to most people: Mary is a spoiled English child who lives in India with her wealthy family until she is orphaned after a plague strikes the area. She is shipped off to England to live in her uncle's gigantic mansion. I remember always wanted to have a mansion like that to explore. I kind of still do. Anyways, Mary is pretty much left on her own all day and she starts getting nosy. First, she discovers a locked garden that she is told is forbidden because it was her Aunt's, who had passed away years ago. Then she discovers that she has a cousin who is kept secret and bedridden due to a mysterious illness that he may or may not even have.

I was surprised at how much I actually remembered about this book. I was almost bored at times because I knew exactly what was going to happen next. However, the story still holds up well. Mary is unlikeable, but you can't help but feel a little sorry for her since she doesn't know any better. She grows throughout the story and I loved her stubborn interactions with her equally (or possibly more) spoiled cousin. 

Overall, it's definitely a classic that should be read at least once.

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